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Security Escorts

Depending on the threat level to the client, TWP provides security escorts that are a lower profile style of securing the client compared to a full on protection detail.

Clients in the past have used this type of security service for shadowing their family members at large public events or on private vacations where they just want someone to be watching their surroundings.

Having a security escort is extremely beneficial when traveling to foreign countries or for young adults exploring the world in normally low crime areas.

Our security escort agents work hand-in-hand with the client to ensure that they have the most amount of freedom possible while having a security escort. Because the escort agent is working closely with the client, the agent can also assist with all logistical support and day-to-day recommendations on places to go and restaurants for dining.

Our Services

workplace violence

Workplace Violence

TWP security specialists provide safe and secure work environments at any threat level. We provide our clients with reliable and professional outcomes for every security need.

executive protection

Executive Protection

TWP Security Agents are highly trained in the field of personal protection for executives, VIPs, High Net worth individuals, celebrities, Government Representatives and individuals from around the world.

COVID Enforcement

COVID Protocol Enforcement

TWP private security guards take precautionary steps to help you stay in front of potential security issues that can compromise your business and your reputation.

disaster relief

Disaster Relief

TWP has built  its reputation of “rapid deployment” because of their highly trained professionals that can carry out physically and logistically challenging missions on short notice with attention to detail.

security escorts

Security Escorts

TWP security escort agents work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that they have the most amount of freedom possible while having the most trusted security services in the industry.

corporate security

Corporate Security

TWP specializes in potential workplace violence issues. Agents can provide low profile security to ensure that potential disgruntled current or former employees do not incite conflict with co-workers or management staff.

diplomatic protection

Diplomatic Protection

TWP commits to 100% customer service and loyalty to Diplomats, Point of contact, and representatives from the hosting delegation.

corporate investigations

Corporate Investigations

TWP Investigators specialize in retail theft, sexual harassment, warehouse theft, ethics and compliance investigations. Along with interview and interrogation questioning.